About Us

The Start



Camisa started off as a side project from founder Jorge back in 2018. He was trying to get a job a web designer but was not having much luck due to his lack of experience. He was faced with the great job paradox of "how do I gain experience if no one will hire me?" He decided to build websites on the side to gain experience...and that's where the idea for Camisa started.

Camisa was built on one principles...


I CAN...is the first step of the process. It encourages you to believe in yourself. Self believe is the greatest tool at your disposal. Once you have full believe that you will be successful the world is yours for the taking.

I WILL...is the step that holds you accountable for your believes. The step is the projection of your self believe into the world, your actions. Most people accomplish the first step relatively easily but talk is cheap. Until you take action worlds are only words!

I MUST...The Final and hardest step in the process. Once you decided to believe in yourself and decided to take action then the real work starts. The world is going to kick you down time and time again. You will feel like quitting multiple times. But the mental fortitude to push through the tough times and take the beating is what separates your dream life from the monotonous routine that you are trying to escape.


Join us in our process...and let us be part of yours!