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Who We are

CAMISA is a apparel brand powered by the American dream. For us America is the land of opportunities and as we got older we realized we were not taking advantage of the great opportunities we had before us.

We had planned to unveil our brand spring of 2020, however the world had its own agenda. We figured that we would wait and release it when everything went back to normal but the world will never be the same so we decided to release our Camisa Collection and hope for the best.

"We Can, We Will, We Must!"

  • Jorge Tinoco Ramos. - CEO, Founder

What We Do

Why we Created CAMISA

The reason why CAMISA is a athlesure center brand is because of the goals that we had for ourselves. We want to be healthy and we want strive to have the best physique we can. We also wanted to encourage our family and community to strive for their health goals, especially with the current virus that attacks overweight and unhealthy individuals.

Our Goal

We want to encourage other to take over their own lives and not to just take part. It's easy to keep doing the same thing over and over, but it's difficult to attack your dreams head on. Just remember "It's your world and the rest of us are just living in it".